Many accidents cause injuries that result in partial or total disabilities, which can be temporary or permanent. High Risk Car Insurance can help mitigate the risks involved in having an accident that causes injuries that will dramatically change your life for the worse. Usually, the results are a loss of wages and hardships that are very hard to quantify. The purpose of High Risk Car Insurance for drivers in Ontario that may have had one too many accidents is coverage that can provide a weekly benefit designed to help substitute or at the minimum provide the income that the insured driver may lose due to an accident.

High Risk Car Insurance Regulations in Ontario

Ontario’s Car Insurance regulations define disability caused by Car Insurance Coverage. The coverage usually distinguishes between an employed person and those that are not working for any salary or in some cases don’t have any employment. For example, students and spouses that run the home included in the coverage as well. The exact amount that is payable per week, the waiting per4iod before Car Insurance payment commences, and the maximum length of time, if there is each regulation states a time limitation, for which payments are made. Ontario’s details will be different compared to other Canadian provinces. A detailed view of your provincially regulated Insurance policy is required.

High Risk Insurance Coverage Benefits

Since the benefit intended as a loss of earning coverage, it is a contract of indemnity, which means the insured cannot profit from a loss. There is usually a short waiting period before payments begin people from making frivolous claims for minor injuries. In some jurisdictions, there is a limit on the time for which benefits will be paid, while in others, payments can continue for the remainder of the injured person’s life. A severe injury will have different amount and times versus one that is minor.

The Car Insurance benefits are based on the following:

  1. The amount insured may vary from each provincial regulation and is usually stated in the insurance policy or in the government regulations that are related to your Car Insurance. Typically, a percentage of gross weekly earnings that is subject to a maximum limit per week. Some jurisdictions also stipulate a minimum amount. Talk to a Licensed Insurance Broker that firmly understands your High Risk Car Insurance in Ontario coverage.
  2. The monetary value of the lost time of the insured person is included. Generally, the monetary value includes lost wages or the cost of replacing a homemaker. If there is more than one insurance contract such as group accident insurance or disability benefits under a life insurance policy, each Insurance Company will contribute a proportionate amount of the lost wages. Lost wages are paid in the proportion that the actual loss of income would bear in the aggregate to the payments for loss of income that would be payable under the Insurance Contract.

What is No Fault Car Insurance in Ontario?

No Fault Car Insurance means paying specific claims without requiring any reference to who is at fault. A system for improving the compensatory process for Automobile accident victims by eliminating the need for costly and lengthy litigation. A Car Insurance system where accident victims are compensated by their Insurance Company regardless of who was at fault.