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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is often referred to as errors and omissions E&O or malpractice insurance, and the terms are used interchangeably in the insurance industry. Professional liability is based on the concept that professionals have to perform the services for which they were hired, and they also must perform those services following the appropriate standards of conduct for their profession. Coverage for failure to perform a professional duty or to conform to appropriate standards is usually excluded from commercial general liability policies.

Professional Liability Insurance
High Risk Auto Insurance

High Risk Auto Insurance 

In Canada, Auto liability coverage is required for individuals or organizations that operate cars on public roads. Some organizations also choose to purchase property vehicles for their vehicles. Since Auto Insurance in Ontario is mandatory, all drivers must have the required and provincially regulated Auto Insurance Coverage. However, individuals that may have had too many tickets or accidents in the past may find private Auto Insurance challenging to find or too expensive from standard Insurance Companies because they have been labelled as too High-Risk. Unfortunately, High-Risk Drivers have limited options even though good drivers make mistakes. Their Auto Insurance rates could be significantly higher than usual, and that’s why it’s best to speak to a Licensed Insurance Broker to learn about all of your High Risk Auto Insurance options.

Small Business Insurance

Each small business owner needs to understand the types of small business insurance available and the coverage provided by each so that they can evaluate whether it would be possible to transfer their organization’s risk through commercial insurance policies effectively. Insurance policies have developed through regulation, common usage, and standardization to protect their business from hazardous exposures to transfer their organization’s risk. There are major types of Small Business Insurance, Property, Liability and Net Income which safeguards the future stream of income cash flow. The financial consequences of loss can vary based on the cause of loss; worst-case scenario is a decrease in revenues and a significant increase in expenses for a prolonged period. Speak to a Licensed Insurance Broker to learn more about Small Business Insurance.

Small Business Insurance

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Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors & Omissions Insurance 

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance generally provide coverage for defence costs including legal actions that turn out to be groundless. However, often excluding negligent acts other than harm to a customer caused by errors and omissions (“mistakes”). Consultants most often use it, freelancers and independent agents of various sorts, including management and IT consultants, information technology service providers, freelance designers, real estate brokers, independent agents, appraisers (there are E&O policies developed explicitly for software developers, and other technology professionals such as website hosting companies). While some policy wordings are designed to satisfy a stated minimum approved wording for a particular business type, which makes them easier to compare, others differ dramatically in the coverage they provide. Speak to a Licensed Insurance Broker to learn more about Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance is essential to all businesses out there from large to small. Various packages and limits can be tailored for every small to medium sized business including Consultants, Contractors, Retail, Restaurants and more. CGL Insurance coverage usually needed when your business is held legally responsible for damages to a third party like a customer. Special Product Liability Insurance can also be purchased when your small business manufactures goods sold to the public. Speak to a Licensed Insurance Broker to get the right package for your business.

Commercial General Liability Insurance
Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers (D&O) liability exposure increased for many organizations after the Enron collapse followed by the 2008 financial crisis. One of the most common D&O lawsuits is a securities lawsuit. This type of suit usually alleges that the corporation’s directors and officers made material misrepresentations in public or private communications that artificially inflated the value of the stock. D&O coverage is provided on forms developed by the insurers who write this coverage which tends to be very specific Insurance Companies in Canada. The D&O insurance is usually purchased by the company or independent Directors and Officers of an organization for their sole benefit. It’s best to learn more about Directors and Officers Insurance from our Licensed Insurance Brokers.

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High Risk Auto Insurance

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